Product videos increase website traffic

Product videos increase website traffic and raise your conversion rate!

Product videos increase website traffic to your online shopping site. The amount of e-commerce product videos published on websites has increased massively in a very recent short period of time.  A further audience influx can be achieved by social sharing of your product films. This will result in an instant percentage rise of possible conversions.

Viewers that feel a personal affiliation with either your brand, or the product featured in your video are much more likely to commit to a purchase. Equally, commiting to a purchase is even more likely if an audience can instanly see how your product solves a problem they are experiencing, or how what you are offering can make them feel empowered!

Product videos must…

Product videos must give the illusion of being able to hold the item being marketed and see it up close in detail. In order to gain maximum impact with the message you are giving your audience, 360 product films must ensure:

  • The product you are showcasing in your film conveys how the viewer can use this item to their benefit, or how it will enhance their life!
  • A clickable link to explain how, or where the viewer can purchase your product
  • The specific details of the product featured in the video
  • Video design/approach for the target audience you have in mind
  • Evidence of a trusted, reliable brand

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