Do you use 360º interactive images of your products?

Have you seen those websites where you can click on a 360º image, then drag back and forth to see all sides of a product? You really get to interact with the item.

Product Films enable your cutomers to interact with your products at an indepth level. When we make a film of your product, we automatically set our system up to take a 360º shot of your product. Not only do you get videos for social media, but you can also have interactive photographs for your web or e-commerce site.

The images we produce aid your customers in visualising your products. It gives them a greater level of understanding to help them decide if the product is right for them. It builds trust in you as a supplier, giving customers peace of mind. Your audience will know that you have invested in your marketing material, your website, your image and brand. As a result, your customers are provided with more options to inform their buying decision.

  • Show your product from all angles
  • Interactive
  • 360 degrees
  • Real-life like experience
  • Add value to your product range
  • Showcase your products
  • Embed in your site
  • Use in e-commerce
  • Perfect for presentations
  • Works on iPad, iOs and Android
  • Helps with SEO
  • Differentiates you from competitors

How do the Product Films team work?

The creative team at Product Films have a synergy with small businesses, and we understand that convenience and time go hand in hand. Upon agreeing a time and date, we need you to supply us with all of the products you require to be filmed and photographed. It is at this stage that we also need any on screen information that you would like displayed (as a word or PDF file). In addition, we will need logos, other graphics and ‘Call to action’ information. We can help craft the on screen text if you are not confident or do not have the time. You can choose to either deliver your products to us or bring them in person – there’s always a pot of coffee on the go here in the office!

We then conduct a test shoot using one product. We will make a film with all on screen graphics and a 360 degree interactive image. You have the opportunity to give feedback. We then proceed with the rest of the films.

Finally the films and image files are provided via an on-line portal for you to download. Alternatively we can supply everything on a USB Hard Drive (at cost). We will keep a backup of your films for 12 months.

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We can help create films for your site, e-commerce, youtube, facebook and all other platforms.