Ignore mobile users at your peril!

Ignore mobile users at your peril!

Ignore mobile users at your peril! Product videos must be able to be viewed clearly on mobile devices. After all “Mobile devices responsible for 60% of all video views worldwide”.

WordPress have almost endless plugins, and funcitons available within themes. This allows you to enable or disable certain device types for the different elements within your e-commerce web content. Combine this with succinct, SEO ready content and you can really launch your products.

Websites linked to social sharing of product films will see even more of an increase of traffic. However if your site is not optimised for mobile:

  • Viewers won’t entertain more than a 1 second view if videos don’t display properly
  • Audiences will not trust an organisation or brand
  • Product videos will certainly not be shared
  • Conversion rates won’t increase

An e-commerce website may look professional and cutting edge on an ipad, laptop or even a desktop, however if the largest percentage of an audience want to view it on a mobile device then it won’t be seen at all.

Product videos for mobile

If only your products could jump out of the screen and into your customer’s hand! Product Films product videos are the next best thing. A 360 video of a product gives a viewer the opportunity to explore an item in great detail.

Ecommerce websites must display products for specific target audiences in the best format possible. Product videos that aren’t properly displayed, or that don’t appear at all on a mobile device will do more harm to a brand. Even bad customer service can be reticfied, but if products and services can’t even be seen then an organisation will not be trusted by its audience.

We have over 20 years of experience working with trusted video web designers. Therefore, we can also offer complete web and product video solutions that will increase your Google ranking and see your products in mobile feeds.

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