Product videos increase sales

Let Product Films’ videos increase your sales

Include your 360 product videos into a specific video strategy to increase sales. Whilst filming, consider your target audiences at all times. This enables the right messages and information to get through to the desired audience and increase sales.

Reach the top of Google Rankings & convert social media visits to website traffic

Optimse video content in the same way as your website content to enhance Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Plus, the more engaging your video content is, the further up the Google rankings it will send you! Embed your product videos within your e-commerce website for SEO purposes. In addition, publish your product films via social media to increase click backs to your website for more purchases to be made! Importantly, upload your product videos using a social media channel’s parameters. A video that doesn’t display well is worse than no video at all.

WordPress e-commerce websites & Live stream shopping

WordPress websites’ stats section clearly displays how ‘referals’ have come through. If you publish more content through Instagram, yet you have more website traffic coming via LinkedIn then adapt accordingly to suit your audiences. Either way, your 360 product videos getting the clicks back to your website.

You can really go for it, ‘QVC-style’ by launching your product live in the Product Films studio. Your audience will be eagerly waiting to see products with the ability to almost try before they buy.

Contact Claudio to chat about increasing your sales by using product videos on your e-commerce website and social media channels.