Shop from video

Customers can now shop from video

Customers can now easily shop directly from video so there is even more reason to promote your produts with product films.

Instagram recently announced that it rolled out its ‘shoppable’ posts function to the UK, plus 8 more countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Snapchat also have a click-to-buy-from-video service called ‘Snap Ads’.

Fashion brands Ted Baker and Diesel have ‘shoppable’ video enabled on their e-commerce website, and if you rewind to 2012, its when Burberry started experimenting with shoppable video by way of interactive campaign videos in store.

Now back to the future! Buying from online product videos doesn’t just stop at fashion items. Google’s TrueView feature allows you to click items within the film content that can immediately be purchased. This means that any video message can contain a clickable item that can be bought, whether its:

  • tutorial that mentions particular software you’ve been looking for
  • luxury hand crafted furniture pieces that you know your partner will love
  • the local seaside chandlier that stocks the part you need to get your grandkids’ sail boat on the water
  • the classic car enthusiasts group that features the door handles you need to be able to hide in the garage for hours at the weekend

Videos that feature your products

Product Films create 360 videos of your products that viewers feel as if they are seeing in real life. Your videos can then be used in conjunction with one of the ‘shoppable’ features available on social media and your brand will get an even greater awareness and following.

Anything from engagement ring boxes to health supplement vitamins can be filmed for a product video. We can film as many of your products as possible in our studio, in a day. Plus, all relevant product information can be included in each film so that your audience is informed, engaged and ready to buy!

Contact Claudio to chat about getting ahead of your competitors by making your products instantly ‘shoppable’ on video!